Nearing new chapters

It may sound cliché but teaching is what I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember. From playing school with my brother or friends as a young child and watching my primary teachers with admiration, to shaping my GCSE and A Level subject choices to meet that ultimate destination and now, my four year Primary Education degree. My values, beliefs, knowledge and understanding have changed and developed numerous times along the way, but that has been my ultimate goal for as long as I can remember.

So now as I sit in my flat, surrounded by to do lists, Research Methods books and Primary Science journal articles to be read, it hits me just how long I have actually been on that journey for. Far beyond the four year degree. Furthermore, how soon that career, that life even, that I have craved for so long shall (hopefully) soon be reality.  All of the hard work shall have paid off and finally, I shall be in that position to inspire and open young minds, igniting creativity among a future generation. Yet, whilst I know I can do it and that I can do it well, the mere thought of applying for a real ‘grown-up’ job is somewhat terrifying. And whilst that sounds almost like the end of a journey, in truth, it shall only be the start of an even greater one.


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