When you think you know everything, it’s time to give up

Today, I have officially begun the research for my inquiry project, which focuses upon how to better my own practice in a particular area. My choice: How can I increase girls motivation to engage further in primary science? The project shall contribute towards the 60 masters credits I have opted to take this year, whilst also completing my degree. Safe to say, I like a challenge! 
After the extensive amount of reading that I have been doing towards the literature review, it was quite exciting to actually get going with that practical first step. Although I’m yet to fully analyse the results, some clear trends are already emerging. Now for a long few days of statistics, analysis and planning before heading back into school next week.

However, the process really made me think about how important it is, as a teacher, to always be open to new ideas. To defend what we know and believe, yet be willing to adapt and build upon that. As a not-quite-yet officially fully qualified teacher (for the sake of a few bits of paperwork and the finalising of my degree) I certainly appreciate that I have got a long way to go and a lot to learn! I have always been quite a reflective person- academically, personally and during my teaching placements- and I hope that this continues throughout my career. I intend to be the sort of teacher who is always willing to take risks, try new things and better my own practice. In life, I never want to stop learning and living new experiences. Next year, I want to be the NQT who can learn enormous amounts from the others that I work with and in years to come, I want to be the teacher eager to learn the ‘new ways’ from the NQT’s coming into the school. No one is ever too old to learn.


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