One step closer

Following this mornings Professional Development File oral assessment, I am now only one 3,000 word assignment away from completing my degree! (Plus the Independent Study and Leadership and Management reflective assignment and group presentation towards my extra PGCE masters credits… but that’s technically not part of my degree). Anyway, I am trying to be positive and catch a glimpse of that ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

The assessment itself went well, I think, although these things are always hard to judge and I have to wait around three weeks until I receive any feedback. However, I mentioned all of the points that I had planned to and feel that I gave it my best shot! It was quite a surreal formal situation to be in at university, with my professional tutor and another lecturer I had not met previously sat on the opposite side of a large conference table to me, but it shall no doubt prove to have been valuable experience towards interviews. Fingers crossed, the result will boost my overall grade and slightly relieve the pressure for my final assignment. But, regardless of the result, focusing on the bright side, at least I didn’t go off on a mental tangent when describing my Italy teaching experience and daydream about pizza, gelato and glorious sunshine!


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