Back in the classroom

Day two of the research project, I spent my afternoon teaching science. SO so good to be back in the classroom teaching again, it has been far too long. The lesson was really practically and investigative and all of the children loved it, grinning from ear to ear. There were lots of penny dropping and quality scientific question raising moments too; the sort of moments that remind you exactly why you want to be a teacher.

My to do list continues to grow. The workload seems to multiply itself over night. Part of me wishes I could just go and secure a job for September straight away and then focus on my degree and further masters credits for the remainder of the year. Get my head around the job and be excited for it to begin. Part of me worries I will spend far too long applying for one. I know it’s all very “right place at the right time”, but being new to the game, it’s so hard to know what people are looking for, how to sell myself, how to prove that I’m exactly what they are looking for. Every now and again I feel myself begin to panic. Just a little. Then I stop, breathe deeply, and remember that I’m a teacher (almost) and actually, this organising, multitasking, prioritising, well it’s what we do best!


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