Well, this is it… Four days until my final hand in. Six days until Teacher’s Ball. A week until we move house, leaving Nottingham for good! I’d say life is a little hectic this week but in honesty, when is it not?! My final assignment is written with just those last final tweaks needed- when I can find the motivation to do them- and my heads gradually turning more and more to September.

I am one of those people who likes to be prepared. Not a total control freak [although depending who you ask..], but I like to know that I have to done as much as possible to prepare myself for whatever is coming my way. Beginning my first teaching job in September is certainly one of those things! Since hearing the big fat YES I have been overwhelmed by a growing mixture of nerves and excitement, in a greater way than ever before, and it’s still only May with 115 days till I start!

Gradually, I am beginning to compile a to-do list. Each time I think it might be almost done I remember another three things I’ve missed. I suppose I’d half expected to Google or search on TES resources and find someone else’s I could download and use but, not so lucky. Every school is obviously so different and everyone’s experiences unique. I keep telling myself I shall have a better idea once the school have given me some information but as of yet there has been no mention of when this shall be. Each day of supply teaching I have done has been a massive help! By far the best thing I could have done to develop my behaviour management and teaching strategies and a good confidence boost too as I’ve had lots of praise along the way. But my favourite part about it is getting a glimpse inside so many different schools and classrooms across the city and seeing how they do things. This has given me so many ideas of how to [or occasionally not to] plan and teach things and present my classroom. But each time I see the well organised files and creative displays I can’t help but feel a wave of wondering panic rising up: What will my classroom be like? How shall I organise it? Decorate it? How many children will I have? What will their abilities and needs be? How should I arrange the tables? What can I make in preparation? What do I need to buy? And that’s without even thinking about what I shall be teaching!!

Along with my list I’ve created a folder for any teaching or display resources I see on my worldwide web travels and may want to use, create or prepare for the start of term. When I get a few spare minutes [or hours] I trawl through resources on websites such as Tes looking for ideas and reassurance or watch online teaching videos. I’m a HUGE fan of Teacher’s Pet having discovered the website during my final placement and then met the lovely pair at the education show. So many great display resources! So, when I discovered I have just over ten pounds of print credits left on my university account… well, you can guess where they shall be going! PRINT PRINT PRINT!

Honestly, I cannot wait to meet my very own class of year 4’s in September! But I know that once I have there shall not be a second to stop and look back! As an NQT I want to do the best I can for them, helping them to be the best that they can be. Obviously there shall be bumps and hurdles along the way but I want to hit the ground running and most of all, enjoy it! So, any advice, pearls of wisdom, ANYTHING, please do not hesitate to share.

Well, I guess for the next week of so I probably should stop distracting myself with dreamy, organising or panicking thoughts of September and the summer prep and get on with finishing this assignment. Oh yeah, and packing!


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