Transition day

Having dreamed of becoming a teacher for as long as I can remember, thoughts of that first day at school, meeting my class and getting to know one another, have been in my mind for many years. However, these dreamy, creative and heartwarming thoughts soon turned to panic, nerves and an underlying feeling of reality hitting when I heard I was invited to the transition day at my new school to meet my class!

During the lead up to the day there were a number of worries fluttering around my mind, including; What if the children don’t like me? What if they say bad things to their parents? What if the staff don’t like me? What if the other teachers think I’m just a clueless, naive new teacher who is going to be difficult to work alongside? What if the school think they’ve made a mistake taking me on?! Yes, okay, sometimes my mind does get carried away with me and some may say I worry a little too much…

And so it was that last Thursday I nervously made my way to the school office of my September school and took the next very big step along this winding journey. It was a full day of learning new faces and my way around the school, with plenty of opportunities to meet the teachers and children I shall be working with from September, but far too many names and faces to remember! It was great to meet the two other teachers I shall be working alongside in year 4 and the TA’s based there too; so reassuring to know I shall be working with supportive and friendly staff. I spent the day working it what shall be my classroom from September, which gave me a good chance to see what space I have to work with. My class seem like a great mix and I’m already looking forward to getting to know them all better!

When I finally got home and crashed onto the settee my mind was thumping with an overload of information to process from the day. In one sense the day had reassured me in a much needed way and provided me with information I need for the summer and September. On the other hand, I still have countless questions and wonders dancing around my mind. What’s more, the day, making the reality of everything clear, made me question just how prepared I am for the actual teaching side. Behaviour management and classroom organisation are two strengths I have continued to develop since my placements through supply work and my general organisation loving nature. Lesson planning and progression, identifying and meeting children’s needs, however, are areas I have had limited experience with since finishing my placement before Christmas. That’s not to sat that I can’t do them! More, I guess, that I need to force myself to accept that I may not be as good, in depth or quick at these aspects initially. But hopefully, I shall get there. There shall be so much to learn and take on board, countless mistakes waiting to be made and learnt from no doubt. But hopefully, I shall make it through with a great team and family to support me along the way.


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