Half a term in

Good intentions and all that.. It’s true to say that I’ve been so busy getting to grips with my class, the teaching world and my first term as an NQT that I pretty much forgot I had this blog. Anyway, my experience so far in one(ish) word? Roller-coaster!

I have a very challenging class that are, on the whole, great! If exceptionally needy and exhausting. Already I can’t believe I’ve only been with the for now about 8 weeks! I get along really well with the other two teachers and, although there really are pros and cons to our year group team system, that’s generally going really well too. My first observation is out of the way and went fantastically well, as did my first parents evening and, touch wood, so far I’m keeping up to date quite nicely with all of the marking!

Yes, there are days that I’m fed up and feel like I’m drowning in to do lists and yes there are days when I feel so exhausted I could cry because of one particular child but, so far, I’m surviving! I’m still smiling and even more importantly, I’m enjoying it! I’m gradually getting quicker with marking, assessment and planning and rather unexpectedly feel much on top of things than I did during my final placements. This week I even had a work experience guy in observing me! Oh how things have changed in the space of 12 months…

There’s a long, dark, damp run up to Christmas to go yet and another two terms ahead, but so far this is one happy little NQT!


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