Exploring the wider classroom

This weekend has bought two educational trips to explore possible locations for science visits; Think Tank in Birmingham and Leicester Space Museum. Both places really made me think about the value that they bring and the potential for taking a class there when I am teaching. Whilst I think that trips are a really important […]

Escape the Classroom

Attended an inspirational conference today at Derby University called “Escape the Classroom”, organised by Opal. A great chance for networking for many, but more importantly, I’ve developed lots of fantastic new lesson ideas for teaching maths and science in exciting, outdoor contexts. I just want to get back into the classroom full time now and […]

When you think you know everything, it’s time to give up

Today, I have officially begun the research for my inquiry project, which focuses upon how to better my own practice in a particular area. My choice: How can I increase girls motivation to engage further in primary science? The project shall contribute towards the 60 masters credits I have opted to take this year, whilst also completing my degree. Safe […]